During your stay in the city of Columbus, you'll enjoy the many amenities of our bed and breakfast
including the park-like grounds, extensive gardens, comfortable bedrooms and delicious breakfasts.
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Welcome to our Columbus, Indiana B&B.  The Ruddick-Nugent House is a historic home offering discreet and peaceful lodging in the heart of Indiana. 

The Ruddick-Nugent House  The Ruddick-Nugent House

Our accommodations include four bedrooms with private baths, air conditioning, cable television, and Wi-Fi internet for the comfort of our guests. Furnishings and decor reflect the various periods in the house's history since 1884.

The North Livingroom  The South Livingroom

The house acquires the entire city block and includes grounds offering a park-like setting that we are developing into extensive gardens, where our guests can enjoy a relaxing stroll among the trees and fountains to let go of the cares of the day.

The Diningroom

Even guests looking to enjoy nearby attractions and towns like Nashville, IN stay at our bed and breakfast because of the amenities and comforting atmosphere we provide.  Delicious and filling candle-light breakfasts are served daily.  Guests can choose to enjoy theirs on a balcony, the front porch or under the trees and fountains, season permitting.

After his wife's father died in 1881, William Ruddick brought Martha back to their home town of Columbus from Keokuk, Iowa and built her this housed gingerbread. on an 80 acre "gentleman's" farm in 1884 as a bright yellow Queen Anne with turrets, balconies, bay windows, an In 1924, the entire house was changed to its Greek Revival style, using columns salvaged from the 1904 St. Louis Exposition. As current owners, we have remodeled and redecorated the house, yet preserved the house's historic character and charm.

Good reasons to stay at Ruddick-Nugent House
Play golf! Otter Creek, a nationally rated course, is complemented by a host of public and private golf courses.

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